Is the catcher mania worth investing in?

Last winter in Stove League there was a catcher shift and a frenzy. Yang Eui-ji, the largest fish, left NC Dinos and returned to her parents’ home. He was a super-special treatment of 15.2 billion won for 4 + 2 years. Lotte caught LG catcher Yoo Kang-nam for 4 years and 8 billion won. LG hurriedly caught Park Dong-won, who left KIA. It was 6.5 billion won in 4 years. NC, who leaked Yang Eui-ji, recruited Doosan Park Se-hyuk to reinforce it. Received 4.6 billion won in 4 years. 

There was also an evaluation that there was a bubble, but according to the market principle, when there was competition, the price was bound to go up. It was amazing timing for the players. He enjoyed the special to his heart’s content and succeeded in signing a thick contract. At the same time, I was interested in how they would change the new team. Of course, it was because they invested in the hopes of winning or achieving top-ranking results. 

Yang Eui-ji played an outstanding role throughout the air defense. He appeared in 89 games and had an honors record of a batting average of . He was also praised for leading the mound with an excellent lead on defense. It was evaluated that it was thanks to Yang Eui-ui that he consistently maintained his top grades. 

Yang Eui-ji’s absence caused a serious power leak. On the 8th, he was excluded from the entry due to a left flank injury. Doosan suffered a sudden downturn from the 6th, when Yang Eui-ji did not play. With a record of 3 wins and 8 losses, they finished at the bottom of the season. The team batting average stayed at 2.31 li (8th) and the team ERA was 4.92 (9th). It is scheduled to return on the 22nd. However, the fact that an injury issue occurred at the age of 36안전놀이터, which is not small, could be a burden on future moves. 

Park Dong-won’s contribution was so high that he was praised for not wasting money. From the beginning of the opening season, he started a home run race with hot hits, raising expectations that the catcher would become the home run king. Although his batting pace has dropped significantly, he is batting . 

He is adding great strength to LG’s No. 1 solo run in karate. He has the defensive ability to basically be catching, throwing, and framing. Above all, the sincerity of being active as the main catcher for the first team without injury from the opening stands out. Other catchers have been away due to large and small injuries, but Park Dong-won is reliably guarding his home.  

Kangnam Yoo is not living up to expectations. He had high-level catcher skills such as framing, and some level of offensive power. However, in 85 appearances, he has a batting average of just 2.25 with 6 home runs, 31 RBIs and 32 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.649. In fact, it is a career low record. At the beginning of the opening, he led Lotte’s upward trend, but the momentum fell. 

Furthermore, on July 28, he suffered a torn left medial oblique muscle and was removed from the line. He returned on the 17th after 3 weeks of rehabilitation. In his comeback game, he had 3 hits and 2 RBIs, but had no hits in the next 3 games. In the meantime, young catcher Jung Bo-geun showed good performance in batting and defense. The team’s performance is down to 7th place, so it is a time when Yoo Kang-nam’s exertion is absolutely necessary. 

Park Se-hyeok is also being criticized for not reaching the ransom price. He appeared in 79 games and had a batting average of just 2.1, 2.4, 4 homers, 27 RBIs, 31 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.646. He missed out on two entries. In April, he was hit in the back of the head by SSG Landers’ backswing and was out for 10 days. Then, on the 14th, he was absent due to tendinitis in his left neck. 

The moves of the four catchers for the rest of the season are getting more attention. Park Dong-won is aiming for a combined championship, including winning the regular league and winning the Korean Series. Yang Eui-ji must bring Doosan back to the top. Yoo Kang-nam should be the driving force behind the 5th round attack, and Park Se-hyeok has the responsibility of being a 4th round master. When the season is over, the grades and evaluations of your precious catchers will come out accurately. 

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