We get into our cars every day, driving to work, grocery store or somewhere else rather mundane and typical. But if you were driving one of these incredible vehicles, your day would probably seem much less boring. So here are the 13 strangest vehicles ever made.

Who says the strangest aren’t the most  incredible vehicles at the same time?

13-Peraves Ecomobile
It’s looking like a cockpit of an airplane and it originated from a BMW K series motorcycle engine. But it’s way more than just an enclosed motorcycle, this one has a set of front and back wheels with a smaller set of side wheels that automatically deploy electrically ay low speeds to keep the little guy from tipping over. What’s odd about this Swiss made Eco mobile is that it actually steers with handlebars. It’s superfast as well, clocking in at over 200 mph.

12-The Scubster pedal-powered submarine
Designer Minh-Loc Truong and high flyer Stéphane Rousson showed us a new personal pedal-powered submarine they’ve been working on. The Scubster is a streamlined carbon fiber submarine that is currently being built in the south of France by Rousson and a team of University engineers. To get things moving up to the desired (6.2mph) speed, the designer will need to pump away at the pedals with his legs, which in turn will drive the blades on both sides of the sub via a customized gear mechanism and belt drive from a Strida bike.

11-Vexel Quovis
This is a car with no seats but sometimes strangeness has a purpose. In this case, this compact seatless car is designed for drivers who are wheelchair bound. With an integrated ramp in the back, this little thing allows the driver to roll right up to the driver’s area through the back hatch. It has genius voice commands and hand controls and an option for no steering wheel. Plus, it does not only offer practicality, but sustainability. Running at 100 miles per gallon, it’s perfect for urban transportation.

10-Herzog conte schwimmwagen
Is it a car, or is it a boat? Based on a mark one Ford Granada, the Herzog Conte came with the usual pair of 2.3 or 2.8-litre sixes. You could drive straight into whatever waterway, with drive to the rear wheels being migrated to a propeller via a power-take-off shaft, and the unexpected bonus that it the lapping waves actually covered up some of the vehicle’s ‘challenging’ design. Even more surprising are two things: one, that it was capable of 100mph on land, and two, that production of the ugliest vehicle ever lasted a year.

9-Green Hummer Project
Created as a protest of consumeristic lifestyle, this vehicle is healthy, friendly, non-poluting and socially responsible. A human powered multi bicycle unit, carries out 5 people and is the exact same size as Hummer H2. It’s made out if two bicycles and various scrap parts and costs $200.

8-Honda UX 3
A unique blend of rider and vehicle, the technology developed from the research into balance and walking for ASIMO provides the U3-X free movement in all directions, just as in walking. Any change in the incline caused by a rider’s weight shift is analyzed to determine the rider’s intention. The result is simple operation and smooth movements simply by shifting your weight. The Honda Omni Traction Drive System is the first wheel structure that allows movement in all directions. The small-diameter motor-controlled wheels are in connection with the in-line to form one large-diameter wheel. Going at less than 22 pounds, it is lightweight and portable. The carbon fiber body-cover doubles as the support frame and has the foldable seat and foot rests when not in use.

7-Zombie Roof Maybach
If you worry about the zombie apocalypse, worry not because the designer of this creature must have come up with a solution. It features tracks on rear wheels which are inspired by tanks to help you drive around or over those zombies, Plus, with dual rear machine guns mounted on robotic arms, armor plated passenger compartment, a gun on the hood and a rocket launcher you’ll rest assured that no zombie or human is going to mess with you.

6-1967 OSI Silver Fox Prototype
The project began when OSI, an Italian car manufacturer founded in 1960, decided in to build something a little bit different for 1967 Turin Motor Show. The creation featured a 1.0 litre four-cylinder engine which was placed just behind the passenger seat, in the left-hand side of the vehicle. Silver Fox can reach 155mph, despite the poky little engine.

5-Fiat Panda 4×4 Monster Truck
Standing 3.9 metres tall, the vehicle took just two weeks to build. Fiat say the most difficult part of the build was in connecting the steering system, clutch, brakes and accelerator between the two cars. This particular monster was used in a TV Ad which aired in 2013. This car was transforming into a Monster Truck, climbs up to the hostel, and leaving everyone stunned with its performance. Up top is a Fiat Panda 4×4, while below is some highly-modified running gear from a Jeep CJ7.

4-1951 Italcorsa / Tarf II
Piero Taruffi designed and piloted it to 7 official speed records from 1951-1952. It features 195 bhp, 2,418 cc Ferrari 246 Dino DOHC V-6 engine with independent front suspension, three twin-choke carburettors, Rover gearbox, and chain-driven live rear axle, twin-boom “bisiluro” design and high tech features. It was displayed for many years in Italian and Australian museums.

3-Real Life Batmobile Tumbler
This is a street-legal versiom of the Batmobile used in Dark Knight’s trilogy. The replica costs $1 million and is therefore more expensive than a pair of Lamborghini Aventadors. The Batmobile features sat nav and iPod integration, wheels, doors and stereo like the Avendato, but it doesn’t have a 6.5-litre V12, 700bhp, bespoke carbon fibre construction and warp speed.

2-VZ 9a Avrocar

This thing was a saucer-shaped disk 3 ft thick and 18 ft in diameter. Designed to go 300 mph and able to fly to an altitude of 10,000 ft, it weighed 5,650 lbs and had separate cockpits for two crew members. The centrally located fan with a diameter of 5 feet is powered by a Three Continental J-69 turbojet engines. Two prototypes rolled out of the factory in May and August of 1959. The first Avrocar was sent to NASA Ames, Moffett Field in California it first flew there on 17 May 1961. The second Avrocar took first tethered flight on 29 September 1959 lasting 12 seconds.

1-BMW’s epic 42-wheeled, 19-engined concept
With 42 wheels, 19 engines the 4219 Eli (Extra Long wheelbase and fuel injection) features extraordinary horsepower of 8271, AWD, a front and rear engine bay, ‘massive air intakes’ and a motorsport spoiler. The best concept the world has ever seen? We certainly think so. Well done BMW, well done!