Erling Holland (Manchester City), who is scoring explosive goals in the Premier League, shared his thoughts on his ‘zombie mode’.

Holland, who became the top scorer as soon as he debuted in the EPL last season and is the sole leader with eight goals this season, said in a recent interview with The Telegraph that he becomes a zombie when he plays.토토사이트

“People criticize me because I don’t touch the ball during the game. I can touch the ball a few times, but I’m just walking around, standing up and moving around in my world… It’s hard to explain,” Holland said.

He continued, “I go out of my body and become a zombie. I zone out. It’s like looking around. I wait for my opportunity. And when the opportunity comes, I know I have to be ready.”

“I walk around and scan. If the ball goes that way, this could happen, if the ball goes that way, this could happen. It’s a feeling. I know I don’t have to intervene when the team is building up from behind. “You stand there and wait for the right moment,” he explained.

Regarding the possibility of breaking Alan Shearer’s record for most goals in the EPL (260 goals), Holland said, “How long is my contract? 3 years and 10 months? So there’s still time?” and “I’ve been in England for 15 years.” “If I can stay longer, why not? We’ll see,” he said. Holland has scored 44 goals in 42 games so far.

“I am a Manchester City striker who is watched by millions of people every week, but on the other hand I am just a normal guy from Norway who lives in England and wants to have a good time with the people around him,” he said.

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