Volkswagen, pretty everyone on the planet have heard that name. But the thing is that this company is a bit of a dark horse; the own a lot of car brands we know today. Every fourth car sold in Europe is from the VW group. The video below explains about the intriguing origins and some interesting facts about the VW.

A nod to history: Volkswagen where it’s started

Translated from German to English, Volkswagen means “The pople’s car” and that’s exacly what the company was created for in the late 1937. The story begun with a man named Ferdinand and a car called The Beetle. Ferdinand Porsche had a brilliant mind for design and in 1900 as a teenager he designed the world’s first front-wheel drive car. After successful period of designing cars for Austria in the World War 2, he created the first gasoline-electric hybrid car. He kind of did what Ford did in America. Designing an affordable car for all people, not just the rich.

The outcome of Hitler and Porsche’s meeting is the Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle was going to be called the Strength To Joy car. It’s an odd name, we know, but they believed that a car with a name like this would be more available to the masses after the brutal economic slump of the 1920s. The Beetle wasn’t anything about power. With just 100 km per hour and a price tag of approximately $6000, it was a car would do just one thing: move people reliably and economically.

Passat, Gold and Polo came as a next generation Volkswagen vehicles

In 1980s they would acquire a 75% stake in the Spanish car manufacturer Seat. In 1998 would add Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti to its portfolio.

Today VW is ranked 7th in the 2016 fortune global 500 list. It has a market cap of 63.8 billion dollars as of November 2016. It is responsible for producing 13% of all passenger cars globally. In 2015, it produced 9.93 million motor vehicles, which is something like 19 cars every minute. VW also owns MAN trucks and Porsche. They have approximately 340 subsidiaries. The company has over 610k employees.

Check out the video below for more detailed information. VW is bigger than you’ve thought, isn’t it?