What will cars look like in 10 years? Interesting topic for discussion and thinking. Let’s see what to expect in 2027. Do you remember when we all thought that year 2015 was the real future? That’s what everyone thought after watching “Back to the Future: Part II” an infinite number of times. Right, so hover boards came to the mass market in the form of self-balancing scooters but not the cars with a hover conversion.

But today’s cars would undoubtedly impress Marty and Doc circa 1985. Touchscreens and Infotainment systems, autonomous driving, EVs, or Tesla, in general, are all examples of the high technologies out there currently. Let’s not forget 3D printing, though.

Here’s some predictions on what will cars look like in 10 years

Wisely designed, cars are lustrous than ever. They are designed almost entirely with advanced software. With the 3D printing, the design possibilities are limitless right there. Having all this in mind, and considering the developing design tech, what do you think cars will look like in 2027? Will the aluminum be replaced entirely by carbon fiber? Will some cars be 3D printed? Will, Pagani’s recent titanium-laced carbon fiber weave become too mainstream? With the fast technological improvement today, we would expect anything. Toyota, for example, recently revealed the Toyota uBox concept that was created together with graduates at Clemson University, and this concept depicts the future mobility. It’s a raised crossover-like EV with many 3D printed components.

BMW also looked even further ahead with its Vision Next 100 Concept. It is made out of carbon fiber and plastic. Roughly, this concept incorporates four-door coupe styling rather than a conventional sedan. Both concepts are only predictions, although there are a few clear takeaways: batteries rather than internal combustion, composite components, a spacious interior designed for comfort and conveniences and a simplicity.

Take Tesla models as an example of simplicity. The Model S, X, and 3 are smooth, stylish and, above all, simple. Nothing about them is extreme. A Lamborghini Veneno is radical. The latest Toyota Prius is radical in a way. Radical doesn’t age well nor sell well. Maybe following Apple’s footsteps, Tesla has embraced simplicity and It’s great. BMW design chief, Karim Habib has mentioned that innovation needs to bring something new to the design itself. The rapid pace of innovation is an ongoing, never-ending process.

apple car


It’s obvious that by the time 2027 rolls around, our cars could look very different than today. The model year 2027’s cars might look like more advanced versions of a Tesla. Did you know that Google and Apple are both working on cars? Whatever it turns out to be, the cars of 2027 are going to be full of high-tech, and their designs will certainly reflect that.