Wish you could afford a Lamborghini supercar? We are here only to tell you whatever you do, don’t build a replica like these. Replica cars often deep in the uncanny valley. The final product looks a little bit like a Lambo they’re aiming for, but they only make you to stare.

These ten Lamborghini replicas are so, so bad, that you’d never confuse them for the real thing.

Lamborghini should be powerful and mean looking. Aggressive style and even more aggressive performance. Now we are going to show you how a Lamborghini shouldn’t look:

Lamborghini Reventon
Lamborghini Aventador Black Chrome
Lamborghini Aventador replica with an LS7 Corvette engine
So, so fake Chinese Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Another example of a terrible body kit. We’re not sure of the word Replica is suitable here. It looks like an unsuccessful attempt at tuning instead.

Probably the cutest attempt of all that you’re going to see today. But, wait…what’s that at the rear wings?

This copy may remind you of Reventon from the front, but as you can see, it is not enough to put doors like the ones on a “Lamborghini” in order to turn a car into an Italian supercar!

Another good attempt, especially if we consider the body, but here the position of the rear wheel is very embarrassing.

The Worst Lamborghini Replica Cars Ever Made-06

The impression of this replica is pretty good, but the picture is spoiled by incredibly narrow gauge behind. Yes, and the wheel certainly rests on the wing.

This replica has one undeniable plus – the body and roof have been completely redesigned with molds made from genuine Lamborghini Parts.