The fall of 2010 left a deep regret for Son Ah-seop (35, NC Dinos).

Son Ah-seop, who was a member of the Lotte Giants at the time, caught the first and second games in the semi-playoffs against Doosan, but suffered three consecutive losses and was thwarted from advancing to the playoffs.

13 years later. For Son Ah-seop, the experience at that time was a great medicine. NC captured both the first and second semi-playoff games against SSG Landers. The situation ahead of the third game. The odds say that NC is likely to advance to the fall baseball season, but Son Ah-seop once again recalled the nightmare of that time. Son Ah-seop said, “He has the experience of being upset even after winning the first and second games, so he is always nervous and tries not to let down his guard.”

It was different this time. NC won the third game 7-6 and succeeded in advancing to the playoffs with three consecutive wins.

Although he reminds himself, “Let’s be nervous and not let down our guard,” he emphasizes to his juniors, “Relax and have fun.”

Son A-seop said, “There is no separate meeting for the post-season. I have to show my most relaxed side as the most senior person. Otherwise, the juniors will become agitated. There are many juniors who are in the post-season for the first time. If it feels like a war, it will be more burdensome. “It’s an experience that money can’t buy for those players, so I’m going to do it as usual,” he said. In fact, Son Ah-seop actively celebrated on the ground and raised the mood.

As they are unfamiliar with the big stage, NC’s young players are not showing consistent performance in fall baseball. Experienced players such as Son Ah-seop (batting average of 0.308), Park Min-woo (0.400), Park Geon-woo (0.462), and Martin (0.333) are playing well. Seo Ho-cheol (0.400) is showing the most outstanding performance among the ‘young blood’.안전놀이터

However, young players need it at the moment. He stepped forward as a solution to one problem. ‘National team shortstop’ Kim Joo-won is stealing opponents’ hits with stable and sensible defense. In a short-term game, a single hit has more value than a hit. Catcher Kim Hyeong-jun hit 3 home runs in 4 games. He also played stably with the pitching staff in close games.

When the topic of ‘leadership’ came up in the performance of a young player, Son Ah-seop said, “Because the players do well, it is seen that way as a result. We cannot control whether we win or lose. If we do not get nervous and use our abilities as much as possible, heaven will decide whether we win or lose.” “It is,” he said.

NC will face KT Wiz in Suwon starting on the 31st after a 4-day break. Son Ah-seop went on to predict a sensational fall season, saying, “We will continue to ensure that players can play comfortably without feeling any pressure.”

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