You can already buy anything you need the world’s most profitable company Walmart, but now the Walmart is going to introduce car sales in 25 stores across the southwest. This is something you probably never expected to buy there. Yep, the country’s biggest store chain is now allowing you to walk into the store for a gallon of milk and walk out with a new SUV. America is wonderful, isn’t it?

The company is partnering with CarSaver, CarSaver, a digital platform which uses touchscreen kiosks so buyers can browse some new or used vehicle, so Walmart won’t actually be a dealership, but it will be collaborating with dealership groups to provide access to car-buying terminals. The system connects buyers with a dealership within 15 miles of the Wal-Mart store.

The auto sales will be handled now within the hypermarket but from a small shop in the front.

There will be employers help buyers through the process.

CarSaver’s CEO Sean Wolfington said that last year in Stuart, FL Wal-Mart and CarSaver ran a pilot program and around 80 percent of customers who arranged appointments at the kiosks with a dealer made a car purchase eventually. This means that CarSaver kiosks are a powerful tool for dealerships.