Real Madrid fans were very angry when they saw Kylian Mbappe returning to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) first team training.

Spain’s Marca said on the 13th (Korean time), “PSG has forgiven Mbappe. Mbappe has returned to training with the first team normally. PSG announced in a statement that Mbappe will train with the first team. and PSG will extend the contract.”

Earlier, French RMC Sports said, “PSG is making every effort to change the current situation with Mbappe.” Relations between the parties have been trending toward reconciliation in recent hours, and PSG are trying to turn things around in any case.”

“PSG, who are going to send iconic players like Neymar to the team in recent years, are ‘push and pull’ with their players. Things can change very quickly and Mbappe is no exception,” he said. Mbappe, who watched from the stands, has been on the road to reconciliation with PSG over the past few hours.”

Regarding the background of the reconciliation between the two parties, “The current situation is not helping anyone. PSG is trying to reverse it. They have recruited high-level French players such as Luca Hernandez and Ousmane Dembele, and Randall Colomu. “We plan to recruit even Ani to create a ‘French Connection’ with Mbappe,” he explained. “The PSG board is planning to end the conflict with Mbappe and promise to send it to Real in the summer of 2025.”

This summer, the relationship between PSG and Mbappe crossed an irreversible river. In June, Mbappe notified that he would not renew his contract with PSG, which worsened his relationship with the club. Mbappe, who had a contract until June 2024, said he would not exercise an option to extend for another year. In the summer of next year when the contract expires, he announced his intention to leave the team as a free agent (FA).

Accordingly, PSG somehow adhered to the position of selling Mbappe this summer. PSG, which invested close to 200 billion won in transfer fees at the time of recruitment, was in a position to release Mbape for free. PSG asked Mbappe to choose between renewing his contract or leaving this summer. He even threatened to stop paying his salary and keep him on the bench for the rest of the season if he didn’t leave.

But Mbappe didn’t blink an eye. He received a huge offer from Saudi Arabia, but he turned it down and said he would play for the rest of the season at PSG. Real Madrid was mentioned as his most likely destination. Some speculated that Mbappe had already reached an agreement with Real Madrid to play until next summer and move to Real Madrid.

Mbappe could wear the Real shirt last year. During his short vacation at the end of the season, he was spotted visiting Madrid and reportedly reached an agreement with Real Madrid. However, French President Emmanuel Macron directly urged him to remain at PSG, so he left behind the move to Real Madrid and signed a 2+1 year contract with PSG.

And even in the transfer market this summer, he took a posture as if he wanted to transfer to Real, but looking at the current situation, it even feels like he used Real to renew a contract with PSG. From the point of view of Real fans, this is the second consecutive year that Mbappe has suffered.

The article reported by Marca continues to anger Real fans. “Mbappe is the most overrated player I’ve ever seen, along with Pogba. When his career at PSG is over, he’ll go to Qatar to make money,” said one fan.

Another fan sarcastically said, “Mbappe is using Real Madrid and Saudi Arabia to inflate down payment and inflate new contracts. He is clearly a genius when it comes to revealing money.” is nothing more than a player who does not know respect.”먹튀검증

Meanwhile, PSG drew 0-0 without scoring in the Ligue 1 opener against Lorient that day. As Neymar, who was involved in transfer rumors with Mbappe, fell out, the attack did not show sharpness. Lee Kang-in also started as a striker on the right side and made his official debut, but failed to score an attack point and was silent while playing 82 minutes.

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