Yup, it’s been 10 years since Zenvo first burst onto the scene. Their new model has 1,150 horsepower and a 250 mph top speed. Do we have your attention now?

Do you remember the Danish supercar maker Zenvo? Maybe not, but you have to recall the Zenvo ST1. Its successor, the TS1 is an ultra-rare supercar with a twin-supercharged 5.9-liter V8 and an electronically limited top speed of 233 mph. This year Zenvo is coming back in the game with the new exotic model TS1 GT that will be debuted at the upcoming Geneva 2017.

This model will be a radical redesign of Zenvo’s new TS1 GT, which was described as a mix of hypercar and grand tourer. The TS1 GT was previewed as a prototype at the 2016 Geneva auto show. Now we know that the car will deliver 1,150 horsepower and be able to hit 250 mph.

It will still be mid-engined rear-wheel drive and hand-built with a carbon-fiber body. TS1 GT will be powered by a twin-supercharged 5.8-liter V8 engine developed in-house at Zenvo. With an engine is mounted behind the seats, the drive will be sent to the rear wheels via a paddle-shifted 7-speed sequential transmission. The motor boasts a flat plane crank and carbon fiber intake and can deliver instant throttle response and a wide torque curve.

The company says that their prototypes have been in Lapland to test a revolutionary new traction control system. According to Zenvo’s commercial director, only 15 examples of the TS1 had been made, so the TS1 GT will be even rarer. It won’t be cheap either, if u want it, make sure you have $1,250,000.

Zenvo is now ready for a proper sales assault since it already established itself with the STI. The company plans to set a dealer network in both Europe and the United States. They have hired Nigel Gordon-Stewart as its new commercial director. Nigel is a supercar specialist that has held senior roles at the likes of Lamborghini, McLaren, and Lotus.

After the TS1 GT, Zenvo will launch a track-focused version called the TSR. Furthermore, Zenvo plans to add a hybrid model. Stay tuned until March 7, for the reveal at the Geneva auto show. Check it out: