Dunsfold Aerodrome, a disused airport in Surrey, has been used as a test track by Top Gear for 15 years, and will now be redevelop used to build 1,800 new houses.

Waverley Borough Council approved a plan and now the home of the famous TV test track will be repurposed into a business park. The Council voted 10-8 in favor of redeveloping the airfield, and as pros, they stated the new jobs and the more affordable homes that would be created on the site.

Apparently, the airfield will close its runways to be redeveloped as a business park. If you’re unfamiliar with Top Gear’s test track, you might be thinking that losing a test track isn’t that big of a deal. What hurts the most is that the same driver tests all of the cars on the same track for experimental control, and losing the track where cars had been tested for almost two decades, throws that control out of order.

We honestly don’t know if this will be a good idea but we will surely miss the most famous Top Gear Test Track. The track has been a host to hundreds of cars and a bunch of celebrity drivers. Maybe now Top Gear will have to find a fresh home base and a new circuit that with any luck, will be better that this one. One way or another, Top Gear’s crew will continue to make beautiful cars look even more wonderful on TV.

Now, it’s time to find out how fast Bugatti Veyron and Zonda F go around Top Gear’s track. The Stig (the mysterious driver) is finally granted permission to drive the world’s fastest car around the Top Gear test track. Which one of these two will be the superior supercar?

Image via Top Gear on YouTube