This is simply the most futuristic-looking BMW we’ve ever seen. This is the BMW M1 Shark Concept is the latest creation from Alex Imnadze, a very talented Italian rendering artist. Looking at these images, you’d be thinking that they designed car for the new sci-fi movie Blade Runner.

If that name sounds rings a bell, it’s because this is the same artist who think up the stunning concept design for the Porsche GT Vision 906/917. Alex has gone for a more futuristic design, while we’re all still waiting for the BMW M1 to make its victorious comeback in 2018.

BMW M1 Shark Concept by Alex Imnadze

The resulting shark-shape is amazing, though it probably won’t be very useful and practical out there – it’s low ride height may be suitable for the race track, but speed bumps won’t be so friendly. Similarly, it’s wide body kit makes it so striking, but we wouldn’t be brave enough to try and park it. We won’t even be sure if we would trust it to park itself. Alex used to work for Bertone Design and now tells us the M1 Concept is his tribute to Bertone.

As well as this concept, influences include the Bertone Stratos Zero prototype (which according to him is the most iconic design to ever come out of the company) and the BMW called Gina, which formed the core of many of Bertone’s recent designs.

BMW Vision Next 100 can also show some clear influences, such as the twin front grille and flexible hybrid skin. As for specs, Alex notes the M1 Shark Concept would adopt an all-wheel drive setup with two engines, one powering the front wheels and another powering the rear. 1,300 horsepower is its estimated power output. Sadly, it’s probably going to be a long time before we start seeing cars with styling as eye-catching as this.