The atmosphere is heating up the competition between Tiago (Daejeon Hana Citizen) and Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan Hyundai) for the top scorer in the K League 1. It is a new point of observation at the end of the season.

Thiago and Joo Min-gyu are the top scorers with 13 goals each. While Bako (Ulsan) and Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul), who ranked third (11 goals), remained silent, the two players set up a competitive structure.

The player with the best sense of scoring in the recent K-League 1 is Thiago. After scoring a goal against Jeju United on June 24, he was silent in six matches before scoring goals in his last three consecutive matches. 6 goals in this period alone. He scored two goals against Seoul on the 13th and scored a hat-trick in the Pohang Steelers away game on the 20th. In the last round against Jeonbuk Hyundai, they added 1 goal and gave the team a point in Jeonju.

Thiago played in the Gyeongnam FC uniform in the K-League 2 last year and scored 18 goals in the regular league. He was recognized for his skills in the 2nd division and transferred to Daejeon, which was promoted to the 1st division, and he is seeing the effect properly.

Ju Min-gyu scored a goal against Pohang on the 8th of last month and was silent in 5 games. He lost his pace recently and gave up the leading scorer spot to Thiago, but on the 27th he scored two goals against Seoul and resumed scoring. I enjoyed the joy of scoring two goals in one game in three months since the match against Daejeon on May 28. It was an activity that broke the silence that lasted for over a month.

Coincidentally, Thiago and Joo Min-gyu both scored 13 goals in 26 matches. They are on the same pace with 0.5 goals per game. Now, K League 1 has 10 games left until the final round, and the direction of the top scorer title is expected to change depending on how much it raises at the end.

Colleagues’ help is important. Daejeon is in 8th place corresponding to Final B, but the scoring power is not easy. They are in fourth place with a total of 43 points. Since it is a team with good firepower, there is a high possibility that Thiago will continue the current trend if he gets help from his teammates. In particular, the pattern of scoring through crosses is increasing recently, which is Thiago’s preferred type of scoring. The more the match goes on, the strategy that makes use of Thiago’s strengths is hitting the mark.소닉카지노

Ulsan scored the most goals in the league with 52 points. Joo Min-gyu’s scoring ability is good, but the team’s help is the sharpest. Having the best squad in the league can help Joo Min-kyu. He scored 22 goals as a member of Jeju United in 2021 and has the experience of becoming the top scorer. Aiming to recapture the title for the first time in two years.

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