Amid the controversy over Lee Kang-in’s selection for the national soccer team ahead of the Asian Games next month, coach Klinsman himself revealed his position.카지노사이트

Director Klinsman held an online press conference with domestic media at his home in the United States.

Regarding the issue of Lee Kang-in’s selection, which is the biggest concern, he made it clear that he had no intention of conceding to join the Asian Games national team early.

[Klinsman/Soccer team coach: Lee Kang-in will join the Asian Games national team after playing A-matches with Wales and Saudi Arabia.] When asked if

Lee Kang-in needed time to train for the Asian Games national team, he answered as follows.

[Klinsman / Soccer team coach: Lee Kang-in trained for the Asian Games national team and he will train in the future. He’s on the A team, no problem. In 10 minutes, he will adapt right away.]

But Lee Kang-in has not played or trained with the Asian Games national team for over a year, so there are still voices that he needs Klinsmann’s consideration.

Regarding the criticism that he was ‘working from home overseas’ because he only stayed in Korea for 67 days in the five months after his appointment, Klinsman said there was nothing wrong with it.

[Klinsmann/Soccer team coach: The national team coach does not always have to be in Seoul and Korea. Our coach is in Korea and also in Europe. It’s not a problem because we’re observing all Korean players.]

Klinsmann continues to stay abroad amidst various controversies and joins the national team in Europe early next month.

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