The stadium problem almost led to a player injury. Suwon FC striker Kim Hyeon (30) told the situation at the time.

Suwon FC faced Incheon United in the 28th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023. A tense atmosphere continued from the beginning of the first half. Both Suwon FC, desperate to escape the relegation zone, and Incheon, aiming for Final A, were both aiming for 3 points.

In the middle of the game, an unexpected incident occurred. The grass near the center circle on the Incheon camp came out. The amount of grass was quite large. It was enough to fill the hands of Incheon midfielder Mpoku.

The floor was hollowed out. The soil that was supposed to support the grass was completely eroded. According to a Suwon FC official, the soil dug into the drain. It was to the point where I couldn’t play the game right away. After the match supervisor and club officials checked, they hurriedly filled the floor with dirt from the edge of the stadium.

The match was delayed for about 10 minutes. Dissatisfaction erupted from both home and away fans. Players from both teams who stayed on the bench warmed up by exchanging passes as if before the game. Incheon captain Oh Ban-seok (35) said at the press conference for the distinguished player after the game, “It was an unexpected situation. The coaching staff continued to communicate so that the players’ concentration would not be blurred.”

There were also dire situations. A player almost got hurt unjustly due to a problem with the stadium. The moment Suwon FC striker Kim Hyeon stepped on the area, the floor went out. Feeling the pain, Kim Hyun made an uncomfortable expression as he grabbed his ankle.

The pain continued after the game. Kim Hyun limped as he walked to the Mixed Zone. In response to the question, “Your ankle doesn’t look good,” Kim Hyun answered, “Originally, my ankle wasn’t good. It seems to be worse because I fell into a ‘sinkhole’ earlier. I think I need to treat it.”

He then described the moment when the floor of the arena went completely black. Kim Hyun, a 190cm tall striker, said, “I stepped on it, but my foot fell out. I sprained my ankle. The depth was about the knee.”

It seems that the heart of the club has also been shaken. Suwon FC excluded foreign striker Lars Beltbeek (32), who was recently arrested for drunken driving, from the power. In fact, Kim Hyun is the only striker who can fight the opponent’s defense from the front. Yang Dong-hyeon (37), a veteran striker, was working as a playing coach. Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun said that Yang Dong-hyun is preparing to play, but it will take time for him to play.소닉카지노

Suwon FC has a long way to go. After 28 rounds, they are currently in 10th place with 26 points. It’s a relegation playoff. He was risking his life and death every game. However, in the match against Incheon, he gave up a theater goal to Oh Ban-seok just before the end of the game and lost 1-2.

Kim Hyun expressed deep regret, saying, “It’s a pity that a game like today is played. We need to have the patience to draw a quality game and win a match to be drawn. It seems that we are still lacking.” He then pledged to survive in the K-League 1, saying, “If that improves, Suwon FC will not be relegated.”

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