Park Ji-soo (196 cm, C) revealed an anecdote behind her performance.

Park’s team, Cheongju KB, played its opening game against Incheon Shinhan Bank at Dowon Gymnasium in Incheon on Aug. 8. The result was 82-57, a 25-point victory for KB.

Park was at the center of the victory. She dominated the paint with 30 points and 21 rebounds. After the game, Park said, “I didn’t play in the opening game last year. So I thought I would be nervous today. But I didn’t feel nervous. Also, there were a lot of fans here, so I didn’t feel nervous. I was able to enjoy the opening game. I’m grateful to the fans,” she said.

He continued, “We had some anxiety in the off-season, but we had good chemistry two weeks before the opener. In today’s game, we communicated with each other a lot and timed our receptions correctly, which gave me a lot of chances to score. Thanks to the help of my teammates, I scored a lot of goals,” she said, emphasizing good teamwork as the driving force behind her performance.

As mentioned earlier, Park managed to score more than 30 points and grab more than 20 rebounds at the same time. This is known as a “30-20” game. After achieving 30-20, Park said, “I made a bet with coach Kim Wan-soo whether I could do 30-20 or not. If I achieved it, he said he would give me 100,000 won (laughs),” Park said, sharing an anecdote with Coach Kim. 토토사이트

“When I played against men’s college teams and men’s high school teams, I only saw passes, so it was helpful when he told me to ‘actively participate in scoring,'” he continued, adding that Kim’s advice helped. On the surface, it was a bet, but Kim had absolute faith in him. That was the driving force behind Park’s performance.

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