The reason why Barcelona was able to recruit Joao Felix has been revealed.

On the 15th (Korean time), the Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported, quoting Enric Masip, advisor to Barcelona President Juan Laporta, that “Barcelona is barely covering Felix’s salary.”

Felix returned to Atletico Madrid after completing his loan spell at Chelsea last July. He failed to secure a full transfer at Chelsea after scoring 4 goals in 20 games, and was forced to return to his former team.

His future at Atlético was uncertain. Atletico coach Diego Simeone had no intention of using Felix. Atlético also began looking for a team to take him.

Among these, a bombshell statement was made. Felix said in an interview, “I want to play for Barcelona. It was my dream since childhood. “If it comes true, it will be my dream come true.”

Fans could not hide their anger. Atletico home fans booed loudly and cursed when Felix’s name was called in the opening match held last month.

In the end, Felix’s dream came true. Barcelona announced, “We have agreed to lease Felix from Atletico until June 2024.”

Many people responded that he was a surprise addition. Initially, it was predicted that Felix’s move to Barcelona would be difficult. This is because Barcelona could not afford to pay Felix’s salary due to poor financial conditions.

The secret to recruiting was different. According to this report, advisor Enric Masip confessed through a broadcast, “Atlético will cover most of Felix’s salary this season.”카지노사이트

He acknowledged that it would have been difficult to recruit Felix without Atlético’s support, saying, “It is impossible to pay Felix’s salary in the current situation in Barcelona.”

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