As a celebration to their success, the factory made a small run of 930 Flachbau Turbo for the road. The story of the slighnose 911s started at the race tracks in the ’70s, when Norbert Singer decided to stay barely legal by removing the headlights to make Porsche’s machinery more aerodynamic.

Flachbau means having less drag. 380 hp sent to the rear-wheels by a manual gearbox means you’d better know how to drive.

By 1994, the 959, Porsche’s first halo car was ready and out of production. Porsche moved on by producing an exclusive series of 964 Turbos, generally without telling anybody. They only showed sketches of it to potential customers and 76 orders came in for the car with the pop-up headlamps off and the a 968959’s air intakes.

Just 76 orders for hand-built 380 horsepower RWD car with a manual gearbox. It was so extreme product that Porsche only acknowledged the 964 Flachbau’s existence in 2004.

Only two of 27 made for Europe were made with right-hand drive.