We present you one interesting discovery from Daytona: a unique Ferrari SP275 RW12 that looked like it had been previously merged with a Ferrari California. The result was photogenic and it turned out that it was some bespoke model built for one rich car enthusiast.

The SP275 RW came to life when the owner asked the designers to build a model that would mimic the iconic Ferrari 275 GTB that won the GT category in the 1965 Le Mans 24 Hour race. Moreover, this happens to be the most expensive Ferrari ever made.

SP275 RW was based on the F12 at the time, that we knew, but what we didn’t know is that it was based on the fabulous Berlinetta, the very limited edition F12tdf made in homage to the Tour de France. Well, Ferrari has now officially revealed the fact that the one-off exotic is based on the frightfully fast F12tdf.

Ferrari SP275 RW has the same 6.3-liter V12 engine and the same gearbox.

The main specs happen to be identical to rear-wheel drive F12tdf. This simply means the 6.3-liter; naturally aspirated V12 in the SP275 RW delivers 769 hp and 520 lb-ft of torque through a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox – honestly, that is 39 hp and 11 lb-ft of torque beyond standard F12 Berlinetta. The main F12tdf are also able to reach totally free – over 60 mph inside of a blistering credit card 9 a few seconds.

You can see this excellent model’s model cues within the original 275 GTB. Ferrari has sized the SP275 RW utilizing front engine-bay vents, and F12berlinetta’s B-post quarter lights have been completely replaced just by triple louvers in the three-quarter panel, which can be hallmarks within the original structure.

The stylish vertically stacked headlights together with 20-inch other metals are also distinct to this Ferrari. Assuming the specs are the same to the rear-wheel drive F12tdf, this means it can also reach 0 – 62 mph in a blistering 2.9 seconds. We don’t know how much the owner paid for this beautiful prancing horse, but considering the limited F12tdf was sold for $500,000, we would guess quite a lot.