A teaser trailer has been released for the new installment of the Furious franchise. To all of you, who assumed that the next and never-ending movie would be titled “Furious 8,” we have big news: It turns out that it’s title has been changed into “The Fate of the Furious.”

The automotive action franchise is going under a different name so, should we expect some other changes as well? The 15-second teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much, and the full trailer should be released after December, 11th. There was a teaser trailer released before this one, but it didn’t include actual scenes from the upcoming movie. From these 15 seconds, we can see that there will be a drag race in Cuba, a chase in Iceland that involves big guns, snowmobiles and as expected, a huge explosion.

The teaser is too short, which means there is not a lot to dig into but from what we see we can infer that the drag racing scene, the one that goes down in Cuba and the car chase in Iceland will be absolutely amazing.

We are very curious to see how F. Gary Gray, the director, handled the huge cast he had to work with. It is quite exciting that Jason Statham will be returning in this installment and there will also be some newcomers like Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, and Scott Eastwood.

The big question to ask is will there be enough cars for everyone to drive. We’ll have to wait until April, 14th 2017 but till then check out the official trailer teaser in the video below.