Ford confirmed a 2020 arrival date for the Bronco at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.

We’ve been curious to see what kind of creature the Bronco be since we first heard of it. We were sure that the Ranger and Bronco would be returning.

In an investor presentation recently, Dana spilled the beans that it had won the driveline work for the big returning of the Bronco 2020 along with the Ranger in 2019. It is now confirmed that both vehicles will have “front and rear axles featuring Dana’s latest AdvanTEK gear technology. Dana is the long time supplier of Jeep axles. So, what does that mean?

It means that Bronco is getting solid axles front and rear just like the axles under a Wrangler. It was also reported that the Bronco would be engineered by the same team that created the Ranger pickup in Australia, and the Bronco would share a platform with the Ranger and thus be body-on-frame. Some off-road vehicles have paired solid axles with unibody frames, like Grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ generations and the  Jeep Cherokee XJ generation. However, the solid axles at both ends are going in a ladder frame vehicle.

That Bronco will be a true, Bronco and a real off-road vehicle said even the Chairman Bill Ford. Although a Ford spokesperson refused to comment on Bronco’s features, it is clear that it will meet the needs of all off-road enthusiasts.

Ford first introduced Bronco back in 1965 as a direct competitor to the Jeep CJ. The Bronco and CJ’s attributes were very similar, such as solid axles, a removable top, and a small wheelbase.

The last Bronco built was a 1996 model, and was based on the F-150 pickup. from 1983 to 1990Ford also sold a Ranger-based Bronco II. That cool looking Bronco logo will return and Ford is already using it to introduce the new model. We all are really excited about the Bronco’s comeback.