A big revolution is about to happen in the super-saloon marketplace as BMW is preparing their M5 and Mercedes-AMG is revealing their new E63 which we’ll see on the roads in summer 2017.This model comes in two E63s, the standard with a 563bhp and 553lb ft of torque, and the E63 S with 604bhp and 627lb ft of torque, which is far more satisfying.

As many now believe, the intelligent drive strategy brings the limits of the performance vehicle’s dynamics to a whole new level.

We know everyone is all ears now for the S and that’s why we’ll give a full review. The AMG didn’t even bother to bring the standard E63 along to the launch, and that fact speaks for itself.Same as the next BMW M5, the E63 has adopted all-wheel drive as well. There’s always the option to select Drift Mode by simultaneously pulling both gearshift paddles. By doing so, the shaft diverts 50 percent of the vehicle’s torque to the front axle. The 9-speed automatic transmission is effectively decoupled, and you’re on your own.

Mercedes AMG E63 S 4Matic-image2

The E63 S can get you to 62mph in just 3.4 seconds. Sounds messy? The numbers are better than all its rivals. Two twin-scroll turbochargers are deployed for the first time to increase performance and boost responsiveness further. Other engine measures include new pistons, charge air-cooling, and an optimized air intake, as well as broad software developments.

The E-Class can brag about having the most powerful twin-turbo V8 engine ever installed in this class. Thanks to a cylinder deactivation system fitted as standard, it is even more efficient, and thus sets the benchmark in its segment. For the first time as well, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT is used, which is a new wet-clutch nine-speed auto that shifts quickly.

Tobias Moers, one of the AMG’s board members, said that the dynamics of the car is very important to them. From the very beginning, they preferred a fully variable all-wheel drive system, which, in a combination with the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, reaffirms their brand’s ‘Driving Performance’ claim.

What you can notice from the start, is the steering. The flat-bottomed wheel delivers feel alongside a fine weighting, making the front axle as nice as the rear one. The interior is easily operated as on a standard E-class, and screens give you access to the AMG-specific drive and some information options as well. This model is comfortable and sophisticated and depending on the color and wheel choice, it gives a real precision when you ask more from it.

When that M5 arrives those twin and group tests will be something everyone is waiting to see.