Adelbert Engler is a man obsessed with Ford Mustang. In the past 40 years, he has collected more than 5,500 models in scale from the legendary car. His collection is the largest exposed collection of “Mustangs” in the world. Some of them are real cars while some of them are toy models. But even though he might not have the best car insurance for all Mustang models, he is proud of his collection and he is willing to show his babies to the world.

His passion for Mustangs started when he was only 8 years old. He went to a store and spotted a car toy. He went home, but being unable to move his thoughts from the toy, he came back and bought the Mustang. After that, he became crazy about them.

Located in the Belgian city Heusden-Zolder, his garage is always visited by people who want to restore their Mustang but are looking for an inspiration. No need to say that Mr. Engler has all possible versions of the Mustang ever produced. His Christmas tree is decorated with Mustangs and he has a bottle of whiskey in the form of a Ford Mustang-COOL.

Obviously, ‘’passion’’ is too weak word to describe what this man feels for Mustangs. It’s a real treasure there, trust us!