Since its launch in 2009, the Ram Truck brand became an industry leader of America’s long-lasting line of pickup trucks. The Ram Rebel TRX was unveiled at the Texas State Fair and in fact, proved one very interesting theory.

Ford has shown how awesome are its fast off-road trucks while Dodge has been bragging about their awesome and insanely powerful supercharged V8s. Ram just knew that the combination of the two would theoretically be even more awesome and came up with the concept of a Hellcat-Powered Ram Rebel TRX. It’s almost obvious that the Rebel TRX has a supercharged V8 which is a version of the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine from the Hellcat twins.

Some new calibrations made the engine more suitable for off-road adventures and because of them, it doesn’t produce 707hp. However, the TRX engine produces 575hp, which is exactly 125hp more than the new SVT raptor. This is more than enough to help this enormous truck to reach 100mph in the off-road terrain mode. It is all wheel drive and the power is transferred through an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The rebel TRX also has an electronic locking differential at the back. the updated Ram 4×4 Performance Control System features several modes like featuring Wet/Snow, Normal, Off-road and the best of the best – Baja mode. To do the three digits through the desert, you need the latter. That the TRX is purpose-built proves its exterior. The scooped grill allows the engine to cool and provide vertical clearance for the supercharger. Additionally, the track has been widened by 6 inches.

The Rebel TRX has many improvements. The standard Ram 1500 frame is the same, but Of course, a sweet powertrain needs chassis and tire upgrades to round out the package, and the Rebel TRX has plenty of improvements. The standard Ram 1500 frame remained the same but internal bypass shocks at each corner, front control arms, and new springs were bolted to it.

The changes provide enough space to fit the huge 37 x 13.5-inch tires and bring suspension travel to 13 inches all around. At the front, Ram also added six-piston calipers with 15-inch discs and 14-inch discs at the back. Finally, at the back of the truck, they added a large sports bar, which means now it has provisions for carrying a pair of spare tires. The truck also has a sweet integrated side-exit exhaust behind the doors and a huge steel skid plate up front. Leather, suede, and carbon fiber beautify the interior. The front seats have racing harnesses and cloth door pulls.

In near future this will remain just a concept so practically, Raptor doesn’t have a true rival yet. The company is looking at the market only to find out if a truck like this one would fit in. So, Ram fans, if this truck is what you want to see in near future make sure Chrysler hears you because most likely that this model will have Raptors for dinner and a Tundra for dessert.