The first 1969 Camaro ZL-1 ever made is part of a collection called The Brothers Collection. This package gives the Camaro an all-aluminum 427 V8 and is the favorite of every classic Chevy collector.

The Camaro ZL-1 is likely the most legendary vehicle in the history of Chevrole.

The ZL1 package was never intended to be put into a street legal production vehicle. The engine had been primarily intended for Can-Am racing and other track use under the hood of a Corvette. The ZL1 also featured an entirely aluminum casting of the 427-engine block. The result was an engine that rated at 435hp and weighed about the same as a small block 327.

The low production numbers combined with the high-performance potential make this car one of the most sought after rare muscle cars. Initially it was thought the ZL1 would be the first Camaro to sell for a million dollars. The Grey ZL1 has been sold for $486,000 in 2006.

It was delivered in 1968 to Fred Gibb Chevrolet on New Year’s Eve. The Gibb crew then took the car and modified it into a drag racing record setting hero as it was driven in races all over the US.

Today, there are less than 40 original Camaros with the ZL-1 package left all over the world. In this spotlight video, Lillard Charley gives us the story behind the restoration.