Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 9th, where the 8th match between Hanwha and KT, the 450th professional baseball team in the personal career, took place in the 2023 KBO League. Prior to the game, I met Hanwha Noh Si-hwan (pictured), who won the MVP award for the month of July, at the dugout. During the month of July, Noh Si-hwan recorded a batting average of 0.298, 6 home runs (1st place), 14 RBIs (tied for 5th place), and a slugging percentage of 0.649 (1st place), earning a total of 37.24 points and was selected as the winner. Roh Si-hwan’s monthly MVP award is the first time in his life, and it is the first time in 5 years and 3 months that a Hanwha player has won the award since Jung Woo-ram in May 2018.

Noh Si-hwan was confused about the monthly MVP award. In response to the question, “What part do you think moved the fans’ hearts?” I want to aim for a second consecutive MVP victory.”

Noh Si-hwan revealed his greed for the monthly MVP in August in this game. Noh Si-hwan, who started as the third batter and third baseman, entered the plate in the first inning without a runner on the 2nd and hit KT starter Eom Sang-baek’s change-up and passed it over the middle left. It was the 24th home run of the season, two games after the KIA Tigers game on the 6th.

Roh Si-hwan’s home run shot didn’t stop. In the 3rd inning, when Hanhwa was leading 2-1, Roh Si-hwan, who entered the second at-bat with one out and 1st and 2nd bases, crossed the middle left wall once again. It was Noh Si-hwan’s 5th personal career and 3rd consecutive home run this season.

In the third at-bat in the fifth inning, Roh Si-hwan, who withdrew with a fly to right field, added another cannon in the fourth at-bat as the lead batter in the eighth inning. Noh Si-hwan’s 3 home runs in 1 game was the first since his debut. On this day alone, he hit 3 homers and ran toward his 2nd consecutive win in the Monthly MVP, having already hit 5 homeruns in August. In addition, with 26 homers, he solidified his position as the No. 1 player in this category.메이저사이트

Even with Noh Si-hwan’s 3 homeruns, it was not possible to stop KT, which is on a ‘crazy upward trend’ of 9 wins and 1 loss in the last 10 games. After trailing by 1-5, KT scored 3 runs in the 4th inning, and in the 5th inning, the batter took a turn and scored 6 points, turning the game over to 10-5.

KT, who added 2 points in the 7th inning, defeated Hanwha 12-6 and won 3 consecutive wins. With a season record of 51 wins, 2 draws and 44 losses, KT rose to third place, beating NC (49 wins, 1 draw, 44 losses), who lost 1-2 to SSG in Incheon that day. SSG’s Choi Jeong-do, who is second in the home run category, started a solo shot that day, chasing Roh Si-hwan with 21 homers of the season and hitting 450 homers in his personal career.

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