You will find two brand new super Vettes on the way: the crazier edition of the present Corvette C7 we expect will restore the ZR1 name and the long-rumored mid-engine Corvettes.

These fresh spy pictures demonstrate two of them going through testing side by side, plus they give a great look at s what’s left the same between them.

We’re going, to begin with their similarities. Surprisingly, they are nearly similar from the A-pillar to the B-pillar. The mid-engine car, which can be considered the C8 or even an offshoot of the C7, has exactly what appears to be exactly the same A-pillar brake, windshield, roofing panel, side windows, and mirrors, as well as the C7 taillights peeking out underneath the vinyl handles.

This could be a result of Chevy’s attempt to use a current vehicle as the foundation for the mid-engine test mule, but to all of us, it appears a lot more completed than something normally cobbled together. This puts much more legitimacy driving the theory that the actual mid-engine car “Zora” will be a kind of the last hurrah for the C7.

And there’s what’s different. The front end of the mid-engine vehicle is shorter while the rear extended. Despite being a little difficult to see under all of the camouflage, the front end shortening is quite evident in case you compare the actual overhangs as well as where the top wheel is in relation to the particular A-pillar. Within the mid-engine vehicle, there’s simply enough entire body to cover the actual wheels, just like it should be.

The mid-engine Corvette’s unique cooling needs are also made clear here by the big slots aft of the doors. The door skins are seemingly resculpted to route airflow.

We expect the C7 ZR1 to show up as a 2018 model, with the mid-engine C7/8 arriving a year or two later. With all this awesomeness we will encounter, it’s not easy to imagine what could come after.

Video of Corvette prototypes on the street.