Those of you who thought that Ford would pull off Ferrari, McLaren or Porsche by creating a fuel-efficient supercar are wrong and that is mainly because the GT’s 3.5-liter V6 got an EPA rating of 11mpg city, 18mpg motorway and 14mpg combined.

In the eyes of the EPA, that’s more than enough to declare the supercar as a vehicle with high fuel consumption. This adds a few thousand dollars to its price.

But, let’s be honest, expecting a good gas mileage from a supercar like the 2017 Ford GT is the same as expecting a fresh sushi in Nebraska. It’s not happening. For this car, not even the “EcoBoost” label can help in implying a decent mileage.

2017 Ford GT Supercar photo2
But, let’s not forget the fact that this supercar is created for racing programs so, why on earth the people driving it care for a good gas mileage? They will be too busy tracking lap times and observing the speedometer to notice any other numbers.

Only 500 lucky people can purchase the car this year while the rest of us can only dream of it, or maybe not because in early 2018 you are given a second chance to apply to own the GT. Prices will begin from around $400,000. Just take a look at this strikingly exotic bodywork. The highlights include active aerodynamics, a mid-engine twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6, producing more than 600hp, carbon-fiber parts, seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission while a manual is not even offered.

Ford claims that the GT features the best power-to-weight ratio of any vehicle ever. If so, the vehicle has to be both super powerful and super light. The official weight and horsepower ratings are not released yet, but the gas-guzzler tax in a way announce us that Ford may not be joking about such matters. This is probably the only case where being thirsty for fuel and lighter than a passenger car is a good thing.

Detroit auto show car is still a concept but it will be produced starting next year. Check it out!