Manager Mauricio Pochettino is struggling to achieve results at Chelsea.

On the 18th (Korean time), the London local newspaper Evening Standard reported, “Coach Pochettino got off to a worse start than Thomas Tuchel.” Chelsea drew 0-0 in the previous game against Bournemouth.소닉카지노

Chelsea is not showing off its early spirit this season either. In the first five league games, they fell to 14th place (5 points) with 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses.

Excluding Liverpool, the opponents were ones that Chelsea should have beaten. Drawing with Liverpool and Bournemouth and losing to West Ham United and Nottingham Forest are performances that can never be excused. The only win they achieved was Luton Town, who were promoted this season and are considered the weakest team.

It’s a more unstable start than coach Tuchel’s last season. Coach Tuchel was sacked after losing to Dinamozagreb in the UEFA Champions League (UCL) after 2 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses in the league.

The investment of over 1 billion euros was useless. Chelsea has poured 1.07359 billion euros (about 1.5184 trillion won) in three transfer markets since Todd Boly took office as owner. However, only a few players, such as Enzo Fernandez, are showing their skills, and Mihailo Mudrik, who recorded a transfer fee of 100 million euros (141.4 billion won), still needs to adapt and develop.

The current situation with many injuries cannot be an excuse for Chelsea. It is undeniable that the best players in each position, including Wesley Fofana, Reece James, and Christopher Nkunku, were injured, but it is also difficult to say that Chelsea’s resources are not effective in the English Premier League (EPL).

Coach Pochettino’s tactics themselves are also problematic. Instead of the four backs that worked well in the preseason, a form closer to three backs was adopted. His intention was to use the left wing-back offensively, taking advantage of Levi Colwill’s versatility, but it was not successful.

The bigger problem was in the midfield composition. The main culprit was the absence of Kani Chukwuemeka due to injury, which led to Fernandez becoming more aggressive. When Fernandez, who was the only player in the midfield who played more than one role, left, the player who could support his spine was gone.

A reversal may occur. Coach Pochettino also had a bad start with Tottenham Hotspur. An unsatisfactory performance in his first 9 league games resulted in 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. Starting with the come-from-behind win against Aston Villa, which was his 10th game, his performance gradually improved, and a golden age came for Tottenham.

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