The story of what is now the world’s most advanced EV begins with the legend in the automotive design world called Henrik Fisker. He announced that he was working on an all-new electric vehicle that would serve as the spiritual successor to the Fisker Karma and challenge Tesla’s Model S.

There was a plenty of interest when Fisker first teased the car in late 2016. Now, let’s have the first real look at the vehicle.

Fisker Emotion to be the first car under the newly formed Fisker Inc.

In early 2014, Fisker sold his Fisker Automotive brand which was later renamed Karma Automotive. It’s one of two planned EVs from the company, with the second unnamed vehicle being designed for mass market appeal. The EMotion was designed for the luxury sector and is definitely a smooth, beautiful car. However, what electric car enthusiasts find exciting is the technology that is packed into it.

Fisker EMotion is designed with a 400-mile range in mind — beating the sub-350-mile range of the Tesla Model S handily.

Apart from this, there is the fast-charging feature that will allow it to juice up in just nine minutes. That’s amazingly fast, but Fisker abandons the typical lithium-ion battery trend in favor of supercapacitors using graphene; he says the car relies on patent-pending battery technology designed by researchers at UCLA.

The car will be capable of driving autonomously and comes with a top speed of 161 miles per hour. Its self-driving capabilities may not be activated until after its retail launch, though. Pricing and other minor details are still a mystery.