Shelby Mustang with 1000hp, what to do with it on an open road. If you own a Shelby Mustang, and that Mustang’s engine is capable of producing nearly 1000hp, and if your stumble upon a challenging open desert road, will you take what is offering to you? Even if few cameras are added to this lucky combination, you will defy the laws of physics in every possible direction!

This is exactly what the jewelry designer and luxury watchmaker David Yurman did with his 950 hp Shelby machine.

Shelby 1000hp Mustang photo

It seems that the business with jewelry and luxury watches blooms for Mr. Yurman, His 1000 Shelby has an impressive supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine, which has a raised compression producing 950hp at 6.450 rpm and 1015 N-m maximum torque at 4,500 rpm. Is a good car to feel some adrenaline rush, isn’t it?

This was not an attempt to advertise its watches, but a great video to present the superpowers of the amazing Shelby. There wasn’t smoke from the tires and skidding sideways, just the sound of the engine that intertwines with the spectacular road.

Shelby Mustang with 1000hp VIDEO…Check it out!