In the past year, Shelby Company’s team of experts has worked hard to improve the performance of the GT500. They put all the knowledge and experience from the competition in a package called Super Snake. The power was increased by installing Shelby/Kenne Bell compressor. Now we know from where come that 725hp.

A weaker supercharger from Ford Racing Department is here as an option that helps to draw respectable 630hp. In both cases, the transmission is six-speed manual, and there is a thunder coming through the pipe Borla exhaust system as well.

Super Snake uses standard management system Ford Racing, which includes shortened springs, adjustable dampers, and upgraded stabilizer bar. You can also buy additional Shelby / Eibach management system. The ALOC diameter wheels are 20 inches and behind them, the six-piston Shelby / Baer brake calipers are hidden.

The Super Snake leaves a visual impression of a true, uncompromising American muscle car. Clearly, the exclusivity of this series will provide a limited number of copies, and we assume that this ride may not be three-digits-worth.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Video: