The 2023 season K League is hot. It is enjoying more interest and popularity than any other year, and many meaningful records are continuing. 50 goals and 50 assists based on the first division, which is the first time since the promotion and relegation, are also a historical achievement we met this season. The main character is Sejingya of Daegu FC, a member of the 50-50 club, which is said to be the first in K League 1 alone. Let’s take a look at an in-depth story about Daegu FC, which contains many significant traces of the K-League this season.

Sejingya, the King of Daepak, writes the history of Daegu FC. He is
the protagonist of Daegu FC’s captain’s armband and the man called the ‘King’ of DGB Daegu Bank Park. Even if you are not a Daegu FC fan, if you are interested in the K-League, the name Sejingya will be familiar.

Cesingya, who started his history through the K-League 2 stage wearing a Daegu FC uniform in 2016, scored 87 goals and 58 assists in 230 games over 8 seasons in the K-League. Sejingya, who recorded 11 points and 8 assists in his first season in the K League 2, added 76 goals and 50 assists in the K League 1.

His awards are also brilliant. He won the K-League Player of the Month award five times, and also wrote a record of being the first player in the league to win the award for four consecutive years. Cezingya, who was named in the K League 1 Best 11 for four consecutive years until last year, left a splendid career in the league, including the 2018 K League 1 Assist King and the 2018 FA Cup Scorer and MVP. As for his individual record, he was named in almost all records of Daegu FC. Sejingya, who recorded the most goals and assists in the team’s career, the club’s first 30-30, 40-40, and 50-50, is literally the history of Daegu FC.

Of course, the shadow of the name Sejinya is also deep. When his performance was splendid, the team was also on the rise, but the age of entering his mid-30s and the aftermath of various injuries are often directly linked to the team’s performance. Daegu FC is a big presence, but there is homework to prepare for the era without Sejingya.

Citizen’s team Daegu FC, the 2023 season is sangs? Has?
Daegu FC, which spent three years in the second division as the relegation was confirmed in 2013 with the introduction of the promotion system, has been continuously defending the first division since 2017 when it was promoted again. Daegu, which was in the lower split in 2018, the first year of promotion and the following year, succeeded in advancing to the top split, Final A, for the first time as a team in 2019, the opening season of DGB Daegu Bank Park. And kept the top split for three years in a row. Even 2021 is in the top 3 of the best grades since the team was founded.

Daegu FC, which suffered from difficulties in 2022 and fell into a relegation crisis, even though it widened the relegation zone and finished the league in 8th place, the year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding, the sub-split final b. This season, in that sense, the desire to advance to the top split was quite clear, and it seemed like I was getting closer to my goal, going back and forth between 4th and 5th until just before the summer, but I was also struggling through July and August.

Daegu FC, whose team color was weak in the summer, repeated this year, and Daegu, which only won one win for about two months from July to the end of August, have not won in the last six games. The upcoming round 28 home match against Jeju United, which will be the last game of August, seems to be a very important moment. Jeju, which was also the opponent Daegu had last won on July 7th, if they catch this game, Daegu, ranked 8th, can raise the ranking up to 6th. Looking at the remaining 5 games from September until the split round, and the upper split reference point, which clearly showed a distribution of at least 42-47 points, it seems that a stable entry is possible only with 3 or more wins. In the 2023 season, which is not an easy challenge, where can Daegu FC spend the fall?

Daegu, the soccer city led by DGB Daegu Bank Park
Compared to the days of Daegu Stadium in the past, Daegu FC is considered a hot and hip team in the league. Daegu FC is almost the only domestic professional team where you can familiarize yourself with the word ‘sold out’ in every game. ‘Daepak’, which sold out all seats 5 times, sold out all seats for home fans this week against Jeju. This record is also the second this season. Of the 12 games played at home, 7 of them sold all the tickets allowed to Daegu fans.

Recently, there is a point where it is difficult to explain the crowd enthusiasm at DGB Daegu Bank Park for obvious reasons such as performance or interest in players. It is a cultural phenomenon in the local community and exudes value as a space that everyone wants to enjoy. Not only does it function as a sports space, but it is also a culture and a trend. It is safe to say that the power of space, which has pushed back various changes based on the effect of urban regeneration in the region, has now become a huge trend.

Daepak, the newest stadium in Korea, has a different characteristic from many other huge stadiums. The huge space located in the city center shows ease of access and has the advantage of being rare due to its small scale of 12,000 seats. DGB Daegu Bank Park, a place where attractive teams and attractive spaces mix and show youth, shows that the era of the stadium has come, which is different from the past when team performance was proportional to popularity.

A space containing key players of a team that writes history, a team that constantly breathes with fans, and all of that. The stories of Daegu FC, Sejingya, and DGB Daegu Bank Park, which symbolically contain the passion of the K-League, are no different from our soccer stories. A season with great records, what kind of final report card will the team accept? Also, how many more cheers will be in this space for the rest of the match?소닉카지노

 Daegu FC, which is trying to win again in about two months, Sejingya, who left two assists to the 60-60 club, and DGB Daegu Bank Park, which filled the 7th home fans. On the upcoming Saturday, we will be able to meet many of them in advance in the home game against Jeju.

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