Germany is looking for a successor after dismissing its first manager. Among the ideas raised locally, Jurgen Klopp’s concurrent role as Liverpool manager turned out to be impossible, so a new full-time manager must be found.

The German Football Association dismissed coach Hansi Flick on the 10th (Korean time). Coach Flick suffered the worst performance at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, being eliminated in the group stage, and continued to perform poorly in the Euro 2024 qualifiers and warm-up matches. After losing 1-4 to Japan on the 10th, Coach Flick was forced to step down as coach. did.

This is the first manager sacked in German history. This is the first time in 123 years since the establishment of the Football Association, and the first time in 97 years in the history of national team coaches.

Among the many managerial candidates that emerged after that, Klopp attracted attention. Coach Klopp has been mentioned several times as Germany’s next coach. Although it is difficult to bring him in full-time as he has an agreement with Liverpool until 2026, he ranked first in local opinion polls, and former legendary player Lothar Matthaus was also evaluated as an “ideal alternative.” There was even an idea that he could lead Liverpool in a concurrent capacity.스포츠토토

However, according to Germany’s Sky Sports, Klopp’s concurrent role is not even under consideration. Matheus also predicted that the earliest time to appoint Klopp would be after the Euro finals, that is, next summer. It is an extreme idea to pay for the euros that have been raised in the country through a proxy system.

Among the candidates for successor currently being discussed is South Korean coach Jurgen Klinsmann. Coach Klinsmann is also in charge of another team, so it is less realistic, but there is a possibility that the German Football Association will try to discuss it. Coach Klinsmann once led the national team’s revival to the semifinals of the 2006 Germany World Cup, and some local experts pointed him out as the most suitable successor.

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