On the upcoming 60th anniversary of Renault Alpine, designers and engineers from Renault presented their project – Vision Gran Turismo. For this unique prototype of the future, the Renault team said that it would firstly appear in the popular video game Gran Turismo 6. Whether it will be released remains to be seen.

According to the creators of this virtual runner, its features unite the past, present, and future. The construction reminiscent of Alpine A450 model is designed for 24-hour races in the Le Mans series and the design is inspired by the legendary A110.

The Past is presented with a look similar to the prototype A210 also made for endurance racing.

The Future is reflected by the bold design that moves on the long nose of the car; “Froggy looks” LED lights, a central line that runs from end to end of the vehicle and countless other stylish details.

The Present in this part of the story is implemented with the modern aerodynamic package and modern technical solutions to the imaginary car, actuated the centrally mounted 4.5-liter V8 engine with 450 KS and 580 Nm, along with a seven-sequential gearbox.

It should take this virtual car of the future to the reality of the present speed of 320 kilometers per hour. But because production is still far, it’s not happening until 2016. We strongly hope that designers and engineers will NOT be too tame to any design, or performance.
Perhaps the concept will appear on auto fair in Paris.

Designer presentation of Renault Alpine Vision Gran Turismo VIDEO: