“Money is enough.”

Germany’s ‘Lure Nachrichten’ reported an interview conducted on the 25th (Korean time) by Mats Hummels, central defender of Borussia Dortmund, on the ‘Copa TS Podcast’.

Hummels was asked about the Saudi Arabia Pro League, which has recently been bulking up.

The Saudi Arabian Professional Football League, which embraced Cristiano Ronaldo in January, began to grow in earnest by signing Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, and Roberto Firmino in the transfer market this summer. Most recently, it is the Saudi league that boasts a splendid lineup with not only obsolete players but also Neymar, the star of Paris Saint-Germain.소닉카지노

Hummels opened his mouth to these Saudi leagues and players’ movements, saying, “It’s something everyone has to decide for themselves. I can’t speak for them alone.”

He added that he understands some players’ choices, saying, “Some players may feel a great financial responsibility while supporting many people alone.” I have done it alone, because I have enough money.”

Hummels, now 34, also talked about young players. Dortmund is especially famous for actively recruiting young talent and giving them opportunities.

“I think you have to strike a good balance between being overly meddling with them and giving them wise advice. I still advise them. Of course I know they don’t care too much for my advice,” Hummels said.

He added, “But if I don’t say anything to them, nothing will happen. I’m just offering the possibility of change.”

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