Santa’s upgraded sleigh is red, comes with four chimneys and plenty of space for presents…on the outside. With Christmas just on our doorstep, we only wanted to get into the spirit so, we share a video to tell you that Santa soon will be there.

But what if Santa’s business decision was to spend $3.5 million on a new sleigh?

Santa Upgraded Sleigh To A Ferrari Enzo image 1

His new ride is a Ferrari Enzo with a stripped interior and ludicrous storage compartments. It may not seem like the best tool for his job, but it surely brings joy wherever it goes.  Plus, it is red, which fits in the Christmas decorations and spares the reindeer of pulling the sleigh. Hey, don’t worry, Santa will deliver the presents just on time, he might be even early. You come from Lapland faster if you come with a Ferrari!

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