Could Jadon Sancho leave Manchester United and wear a Juventus shirt?

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 8th (Korean time), “Juventus plans to provide Sancho with a route out of Manchester United, and is even considering a complete transfer next summer.”

Currently, Sancho is going through quite a long conflict with manager Eric ten Haag. It started with an interview with director Ten Haag. In an interview after the match against Arsenal on the 4th, when asked why Sancho was excluded from the list, coach Ten Haag said, “Sancho was not selected due to poor performance in training. At Manchester United, you have to reach a certain level every day to be selected. This is why he was selected. “That’s why I wasn’t selected,” he explained.

Sancho immediately expressed his position that it was unfair. Sancho responded in his official statement: “You shouldn’t believe everything. I won’t allow people to go around saying things that are completely untrue. I trained very well this week.”메이저사이트

He added: “I believe there are other reasons for this problem, but I won’t go into detail about them. I have been the scapegoat for a long time and it is not fair. All I want is to be happy playing football and contributing to the team. “It’s just that,” he said.

The conflict between Sancho and coach Ten Haag worsened as time passed. The UK’s Daily Mail reported, “Sancho refused to apologize to coach Ten Haag and ended up training alone at the youth academy in Carrington. He is unable to interact with his team-mates. After his conversation with Ten Haag, Sancho’s “The social media post has been deleted, but he continues to refuse to apologize.”

To make matters worse, it has been reported that Sancho is currently banned from using all first-team facilities within Manchester United. Britain’s Sky Sports reported, “Sancho has now been banned from all Manchester United first-team facilities, including the cafeteria. His teammates are calling on manager Ten Haag to apologize and end the feud.” Afterwards, Sancho disappeared not only from the stadium but everywhere else.

Naturally, there were rumors of a return to Dortmund, where he spent his prime in the past. Germany’s Sky Sports reported, “Sancho is in constant contact with Dortmund coach Edin Tercic. Sancho wants to play consistently.” Considering Sancho’s high weekly salary, the possibility of signing him is not that high, but if this issue is resolved, it can solve the concerns of both Manchester United and Sancho.

Then, another team appeared that wanted Sancho. It’s Juventus. The media reported, “Juventus wants to sign Sancho on loan in January.” Also, regarding the salary issue, he added, “Juventus is willing to pay half of Sancho’s salary. If Manchester United agrees to this, they will sign Sancho.”

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