Akira Nakai-san is the most insane Porsche turner from Japan who recently set a shop in Florida. Two automotive filmmakers documented his recent build in a glorious 4K. This is Nakai-san’s first time building a RAUH-Welt Begriff Porche in Orlando.

Two young filmmakers, Chris Petruccio and Anthony Purcell, have created this 20-minute masterpiece. They have an experience in documenting RWB projects even before this build and they teamed up again. And after three days of hard work, on the owner’s birthday, the “Fighting Knight” was born.

RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsches are familiar to all people around the globe. Wherever he goes, his builds become public events and the fans gather to see him. He says that even though he spends much time taking pictures with fans and signing autographs, he doesn’t mind because he wants to make people happy.

Chris and Anthony did an excellent job only documenting the experience. What is more, they cinematically captured it in a way that one can’t resist to become a Nakai-san Fanboy. The super-slow motion and close-up shots so expressively depict his concentration, while the driving sights and sounds give you goose pimples.

Enjoy the 20-minute short film and hats off to both the car and the cinematography.