Coach Klinsman of the national soccer team held a video conference and actively protested against controversies such as the remote command issue that has recently emerged.바카라사이트

It has been 5 months since he took over as the head coach of the national team.

I stayed in Korea for about two months.

Director Klinsman, who briefly returned to Korea last month and left again after six days, stayed at his home in Los Angeles, USA, and traveled to Europe to appear on ESPN or check overseas waves.

When the so-called ‘telecommuting, remote command’ controversy arose, Klinsman held an online press conference and explained that he was a ‘workaholic’ and that staying abroad was a global trend.

[Klinsmann/Soccer team coach]
“I’m the kind of person who can’t sit still. I think I have to work all the time and travel around the world to communicate with players and coaches.”

The position on the selection of Lee Kang-in was also made clear.

When Lee Kang-in signed the contract with PSG, he said that he included an Asian Games borrowing clause, and after playing all 2 A matches next month, he will join Sun-Hong Hwang.

[Klinsmann/Soccer team coach]
“I think this is much better. I think it will help the team if we play in the Asian Games with good performances by participating in A matches.”

Coach Klinsman, who is currently staying in the United States, will join the national team in Wales, where the A match will be held next month.

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