The QUANT 48VOLT is the world’s first sports car with an innovative low-voltage drive, which shows remarkably high performance at extremely low voltage. It indicates the presence of flow cell technology in the lower voltage range low range.

QUANT 48VOLT is the evolution of the nanoFlowcell electric drive

The 760 hp strong electric rocket accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds, with a torque of 2,000 newton metres per wheel.  The development team at nanoFlowcell Holdings had worked for several years to make fuel cells directly controllable. The company’s goal is to demonstrate the potential of direct fuel cell drive and has built the world’s fastest eco sports car. It is equipped with the safest, most powerful, environmentally compatible and economical drive system for electric vehicles.

The QUANT 48VOLT comes dressed in an extravagant bodyshell as it is utterly unique in the automotive industry. The 2+2 sports saloon does more than just looking good; it shines first and foremost though its performance. The car hits from zero to 62mph in 2.4 seconds and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 300 km/h just a few seconds later.

Nunzio La Veccia, Chief Technology Officer of nanoFlowcell Holdings explain that the top speed of the QUANT 48VOLT is secondary. What matters is that the nanoFlowcell® 48VOLT drive delivers environmentally friendly performance – that is zero harmful emissions, a comfortable cruising speed and respectable range. The electric drive in the QUANT 48VOLT is consistently maintained at a low voltage, making it the world’s safest electric sports car from an electrical perspective.

The typical electric vehicles have with high-voltage drive systems which function at dangerously high levels of more than 400 volts. To achieve more attractive performance for their electric models, the automotive industry is even considering increasing the voltage in electric vehicles to 800 V in future. With this vehicle, nanoFlowcell Holdings provides the flow cell technology in the QUANT 48VOLT to enable extreme performance and exemplary range with a safe battery voltage.

QUANT 48VOLT enables extreme performance with a safe battery voltage

This means its poles can be touched without danger to life and limb. There is no risk of an electric shock to road users even in the event of a serious accident. The bi-ION electrolyte liquid – the liquid “fuel” of the nanoFlowcell – is neither flammable nor explosive. Furthermore, the electrolyte solution is in no way harmful to the environment or health. The worst-case scenario would be with no danger from either the nanoFlowcell 48VOLT low-voltage drive or the bi-ION electrolyte solution.

The world’s best electric sports car or our energy of tomorrow?

In a low-voltage sports car like this, the company demonstrates power and performance, thus raising awareness of what is currently the lightest, safest, most environmentally responsible and economical drive unit there is for electric vehicles.

For many, the QUANT 48VOLT is a desirable sports car and the world’s most advanced electric car. However, this small power station could easily provide a fully autonomous supply of electricity to an average household.