Manchester United increased the pressure when Jadon Sancho, who was recently expelled from first-team training for rebelling against the manager, did not bow his head.

British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Jadon Sancho was completely absent from the Manchester United first team as manager Eric Tun Haag issued a merciless ultimatum.”

Sancho, who was once considered a world-class winger beyond England, is currently excluded from Manchester United first team training. On the 14th, Manchester United officially announced on the club’s official website, “Sancho will be removed from the first team group and receive a personal training program until the issue of player discipline is resolved.”

The reason why Manchester United imposed a disciplinary action on Sancho, excluding first-team training, came from the match between Arsenal and Manchester United in the 4th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season held at the Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 4th. On this day, Sancho was excluded from the list of substitutes and was not included in the list.

England winger Sancho became a world-class player at a young age by earning a starting position at Borussia Dortmund, a powerhouse in the German Bundesliga. Sancho, who scored 50 goals and 64 assists in 137 games during his time at Dortmund, wore a Manchester United uniform when he transferred for a transfer fee of 85 million euros (about 120.7 billion won) in the summer of 2021.

However, Sancho did not live up to his price and expectations after his transfer. After moving to Manchester United, he appeared in 79 games for two seasons, scoring only 12 goals and 6 assists, and eventually fell out of the competition for the starting role from the 2023/24 season. After the season opened, Sancho started on the bench for all three league games.

Sancho, who was dissatisfied with his increasingly diminished playing time, exploded when he was excluded from the roster in the game against Arsenal, causing a ‘protest’ in which he openly rebelled against coach Turn Haag.

When asked about Sancho after the game, coach Turnhag, who lost 1-3 against Arsenal, said, “The reason Sancho was excluded from the list was because his performance in training was not good. That is why we did not select Sancho.” “You have to reach the highest level every day. That’s why Sancho wasn’t called up for this match,” he said, explaining that Sancho’s attitude and performance in training did not meet expectations, which is why he was excluded from the squad.

Sancho then posted a rebuttal on social media. “Please don’t believe everything you read. I won’t allow people to say things that aren’t completely true. I trained very well this week,” Sancho said, responding to Turnhag’s comments about his displeasure in training. It was a direct rebuttal.

“I believe there is another reason why I wasn’t called up for the game. I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time and it’s very unfair,” he said, insisting that other players had made great sacrifices by starting before him.

Sancho said: “I respect every decision the coaching staff make. I am grateful to play alongside fantastic players and be challenged every week. I will continue to fight for the Manchester United badge no matter what.” He declared that he would take it back.

As Sancho openly rebelled against the manager, attention was focused on how this ‘rebellion incident’ would end. It was initially reported that Sancho would make a decision on his return to the team and future plans through a meeting with coach Tun Haag before the end of the international season in September. After the meeting, there was speculation that he had made a dramatic reconciliation by deleting the protest post on social media.

In the end, it was reported that Sancho and manager Turn Haag failed to reach a reconciliation as Manchester United expelled Sancho from first-team training. In response to this, coach Tun Haag said, “I don’t know if Sancho will be able to play for Manchester United again,” implying that unless Sancho bows his head, a return to the first team may not be possible.

In the end, Sancho was expelled from first team training and was naturally unable to play in the game. As Sancho refused to bow down despite being banned from playing football, Manchester United decided to increase the level of pressure.

Regarding this, the Mirror said, “It has been revealed that Sancho, who was expelled from training, is now banned from using all first-team facilities at Manchester United’s training ground,” adding, “This includes the state-of-the-art dining facilities used by first-team players. “Sancho had to eat with the academy players,” he explained.

“Sancho is currently unhappy with being banned from all first-team facilities and is refusing to apologize to Tun Haag,” he said. “United sources say the situation between Sancho and Tun Haag is a ‘dead end’.” “It has reached that point, and there is no way for Sancho to return to the first team until he apologizes to the manager,” he added.스포츠토토

“There is an easy way to resolve this situation, and that is for Sancho to apologize to Tun Haag,” a Manchester United source said. “Something has to give, and it’s not the manager who has to give.”

It is argued that if Sancho sincerely apologizes, he can get another chance, but as he refuses to do so, the conflict with coach Turnhag is also prolonging. Before the two enter into an irreversible relationship, attention is being paid to whether Sancho will be able to bow to coach Turn Haag for the controversy he caused and get a first-team opportunity again. 

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