Tesla Model 3 rolls out. Like a proud parent, Elon Musk shared photos of the more affordable and latest electric sedan in a shade of black.

The first photo was taken outside of Tesla’s factory plant in Fremont, California and was posted in black and white on Twitter.

“Production unit 1 of  Model 3 is now built and going through final checkout. Pics soon,” Musk tweeted.

After that photo, he posted another one in a side profile of the black beauty in full color. The setting sun reflects warmly against the 4-door black sedan, the Tesla plant, and its surrounding foothills.

30 lucky owners will receive their cars on July 28, at a special handover party. After that event, those who put down a $1,000 deposit will finally get behind the wheel of their long-waited vehicles.

Do you think Musk is the man who owns SN1, the very first production Model 3? When Drew Olanoff asked on Twitter if he gets the first of all the models, Musk responded that everyone needs to pay full price for the car. And that’s a hard rule. He owns the first Roadster and X, but not first S.

It all seems fair enough, however, that lucky person gifted it back over to Elon.

“Ira Ehrenpreis had rights to 1st car as he was 1st to place a full deposit, but gave those rights to me as my 46th bday present. Tks Ira!”

Tesla Model 3 First Production

So, it is the best to keep checking on eBay and Bring a Trailer if you want the new black sedan before everyone else. You know that you have to pay big bucks, don’t you?

The Model 3 can accommodate five adults, has a 215-mile range, hits from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds, and starts at $35,000 before tax incentives.

Even though the production has started, the delivery process for new reservations is mid-2018 or later.