Porsche 911 Targa isn’t the purest air-cooled 911, but it might be the coolest.Air-cooled Porsche 911 models were the purest forms of Porsche’s iconic sports car. 911 rise in value and they appearing more and more at local car shows even now.

Lots of line up along the parking lot, each showing off their virtually identical flat-six builds. That is, until, Zelectric Motors, a California-based electric vehicle shop, built this car. While it isn’t having that famous flat-six howl, the torque is making up for it.

Zelectric Motors turned the 1973 car into the only Tesla-powered Porsche 911 Targa.

The electric Targa only produces 150 horsepower, but the company said it has an impressive range of 250 miles. Zelectric specializes in transforming classic rear-engine VW Beetles into EVs, so the rear-engine Porsche wasn’t unfamiliar territory.

For them, the initial step was to remove the flat-six engine, and put a rear-mounted dual motor AC-34 electric setup. Then Zelectric found a 54 kWh battery pack from a crashed Tesla Model S, and put it to the front and rear of the car.

150 horsepower and 220 lb.-ft. of and impressive 250 miles of range. Not to mention the futuristic-looking finish. While every other 911 owner is worrying about when their next gasket will need replacing, this owner will be enjoying some open-top silent cruising.

We don’t have to wait until 2019 to get a 911 with an electric motor.