Motorway police have come up with an epic way to promoting road safety, and it involves a 130mph, Batmobile-style three-wheeler dressed up in a police livery. The Polaris Slingshot motorcycle was unveiled at the Autosport International Show at Birmingham’s NEC.

The 130mph police-liveried Polaris Slingshot promotes road safety. Cool, isn’t it?

It is a two-seater and was used by the Central Motorway Police Group as a talking point to encourage road safety, alongside a virtual reality driving simulator and other audience-engaging activities. A police dog Yasmin and a giant CMPG bear named Perry took control of the force’s stand alongside the officers.

The three-wheeled Slingshot is selling for £23,000 and has a top speed of 130mph. Other high-powered Police vehicles like a Vauxhall Insignia VXR, a Ford Focus RS and BMW 1200RT were displayed alongside the Polaris. The CMPG later queried its Twitter followers with a poll, asking which was their favourite of the four.

polaris slingshot police car-photo2

The Focus RS won the first place, with almost half of the 257 votes. The second place belonged to the BMW motorcycle and the third place was taken by the Vauxhall Insignia, and surprisingly the Polaris was the last, considering its popularity at the show.

The Batman-style, two-seater will not be seen pursuing criminals

Unfortunately, it isn’t a permanent addition to the force’s fleet and it was on loan from Polaris. After the spectacle, it was being returned to the manufacturers.