How does a car that goes 310 on 2.6 gallons of fuel tank look like? It looks like an RWD car that has an electric drive and a very efficient two-cylinder diesel engine. Basically, it looks like the VW XL1 Turbo Diesel Hybrid. Its electric portion takes about 22 km without using any carbon fuel at all, so to charge the batteries all you need to do is to plug it into a wall outlet.

The car is produced by the Volkswagen Group and was presented in the Design Museum in London. The world’s most efficient plug-in hybrid car, Volkswagen XL1, is around 1800 pounds of carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastic propelled by a two-cylinder turbodiesel engine that leaves the place to the electric motor.

In few words, the XL1 is produced as a 1-liter car with fuel consumption of 1 l/100 km and 21 g / km of CO2 emissions.

No one expected the Volkswagen XL1 to be as much fun to drive as it is, which makes it a shame that the car won’t be sold anywhere but Europe.

It costs $153,000 and it’s a supremely aerodynamic two-seater that weighs only 1.750 pounds.

Check it out in the video below!