Even in spring, the Chinese manufacturer NextEV told us how serious they were, but the world didn’t take them seriously. Now, they proved us by presenting their first supercar badged EP9.

The car brand NIO was promoted at the same time. Globally speaking, the word ”Chinese” is nowhere to be found in their dictionary. This is why we’ll skip the introductory section in which we should say that it is about a team, which will compete in the Formula E, and we’ll cast a glance right at their supercar. And the word “super” is to be taken literally.

nio ep9 the fastest electric supercar-photo

It is powered by four electric motors managing 1 megawatt of power, or exactly 1.360 horsepower. The horsepower is transmitted through four gearboxes, which deliver a total of 1,480-newton meters of torque to the wheels. Their overall engagement means acceleration by 7.1 seconds, but up to two hundred kilometers per hour. Nio EP9 reaches 100km/h in 2.7 and 300km/h in 15.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 313 kilometers per hour, while the time needed to charge the battery is not defined yet.

Skipping the capacity figures, the producers are only stating that after 45 minutes of charging, the batteries will have enough power to pass 427 kilometers.

EP9 has stunning low-lying bodywork, making it vicious and elegant at the same time while featuring a futuristic look of the exterior.

The interior is practical and modern, and the driver has an excellent visibility. The interior is made of carbon and the facility is provided by four electric motors (one to power each wheel), which uses electricity from two interchangeable lithium batteries.

The supercar has been developed in cooperation with experts of the company that collaborated with a team in Formula 1. Although it is a road vehicle, the cabin has been built in accordance with all safety standards as FIA LMP1 prototypes.

The Chinese claim that at 240 km / h, Nio EP9 generates less force than the racing Formula 1car – 2.5 tons. The engine can withstand transverse and a longitudinal load of adequate  3,3 G and 2,53 G.

They can be charged in 45 minutes, or to be completely changed in eight minutes. They guarantee to reach a speed of up to 425 kilometers, but if we take into account the power and dynamic parameters, hardly anyone will be able to come close.

NextEV Company has not announced the price on the car yet, not even the date for sale, but the speculations are that the price will be at least one million dollars.

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