This new the company’s name comes from the one and only Nikola Tesla. It has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s Tesla, though. Nikola Motor Company started designing and manufacturing electric vehicles a few years ago.

It also manufactures vehicle components, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle drivetrains. Don’t let the names of Tesla and Nicola Motor Company confuse you since both Elon Musk and Trevor Milton named their EV companies after the late Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineering genius. Elon used the guy’s second name while Trevor took his first name instead.

The thing is that this new company isn’t actually a competitor of Tesla Motors since it is oriented on building trucks. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and will debut its 2,000-hp electric semi-truck later this year. The electric truck is called the Nikola One.

It isn’t entirely electric, though because it will come with a fuel-agnostic turbine sending power to its battery. It is interesting that this Nikola One is said to have the ability to operate at half the cost per mile compared to today’s diesel trucks.

Nikola One will have a natural gas tank instead of the turbine and the ability to go 1,200 miles in between fill-ups.

Nikola Motor Company electric vehicles image2

In case you are not interested in semi-trucks, there is Nikola Zero. It is a lightweight off-roader prototype with 520 hp and 100 to 150 miles of range. Later this year we would have more information about these new vehicles. Until then, let’s see what we already have.