Tesla set a new record for the legendary ‘Cannonball Run’ in the electric-powered cars category. The new result is 3 hours better than the old, although the conditions were more complicated. On average, the Tesla Model S 85D went for 227 kilometers with a single charge.

Tesla record: Two guys did a coast-to-coast ‘Cannonball Run’ in a Tesla Model S and set a new record

In the first day of July, Jordan Hart and Bradley D’Souza hit the road and took the classic challenge for automotive adventurers. A 4,553-km long journey, from Redondo Beach, California to E. 31st Street in New York City with bigger challenge this time. Hart and D’Souza drove Tesla Model S 85D.

The previous Tesla record has been improved for more than 3 hours

The two guys had completed the route in 51 hours and 57 minutes, setting a new record for electric cars. It’s more than 3 hours better than the previous record of Alex Roy, who has been driving the same route for 55 hours. The difference could have been even greater, given that last year, Roy drove a newer Tesla Model S model, with better aerodynamics, lower power consumption, a 90-kWh battery and with a driver companion.

The whole journey is neatly documented, with video footage and photos, and with tracking via satellite navigation. Any stopping to charge the battery was posted on Twitter, showing the coordinates using the What3Words application. A photo on Instagram has been published at the same time.

For the first time, an electrically powered car surpassed the famous Cannonball from 1933, set by Ervin G. Baker in a Graham-Paige 57 Blue Streak 8. That record was 53.5 hours and remained unrivaled for nearly four decades. The “Cannonball Ran” has been organized in that honor.

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