NBA champion and the star of the Cleveland Cavaliers parked a “playfully Pony” from Maranello- Ferrari 458 Spider in his garage. It is not rare that some sportsmen become partners with some automakers to make extra cash, but usually we take a look at what these people got for free. This is not the case with the best basketball player on the planet.

LeBron chose the superb Ferrari 458 Spider as his daily driver despite having received a K900 Kia sedan for free.

lebron james - garage with ferrari 458 italia
And like all famous people out there, LeBron got his exotic for a nice custom touch. His Ferrari has a slightly darker shade when compared to the original Ferrari.

We have to admit that this exterior is impressive and smooth. The exterior plus the tinted windows and dark tan leather interior not only complete the sportscar but they also turn it into a gorgeous speed-machine.

Check it out!